Hospital provides dedicated continuous care to critically ill patients who require advanced monitoring and care in the intensive unit setting through team of consultants specialists who have special in the care of critically ill patients work closely with anesthesiologists surgeons and other specialists in the hospital quipped with crash cart and 5 beds each has its monitor oxygen supply suction and ventilators.


Jasmine benefits



  • Ultrasound 

  • Conventional X-Ray

  • X-Ray for dental and Maxillofacial procedures.

  • C-Arm




We make all the necessary tests and the required results and excel accurately to ensure the safety of patients.

Natural Solarium

Nature has provided the Red Sea region with an unusual combination of unique healthful treasures whose therapeutic effects are not only attributed to the composition of the water, but also to the special bio-meteorology conditions of the area. These conditions are just right for the treatment of chronic illnesses such as: Psoriasis, Atopic dermatitis, Mucovisidosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bronchial Asthma and Pruritus (which is associated with renal failure). 

Natural treatments for chronic diseases have succeeded where all other conventional medicines have failed.

The medical rehabilitation center uses the biometeorological conditions of the area to treat cases of unremitting illness such as chronic diseases of the skin, lungs and kidneys, combining a natural solarium with a complete professional hospital at its heart.

We offer services such as examinations, dietary programs, reflexology, physiotherapy, natural solariums, manual physiotherapy, and cultural excursions.




The main problem that occurs for psoriasis patients is that conventional treatments which include steroid ointments, artificial ultraviolet rays and powerful systemic drugs, all have serve side effects on the skin and internal organs. Consequently, climatotherapy has now become a well-established modality for treatment. It involves various regiments of sea water bathing and sun light exposure. Combined with the application of emollients, rest, and relaxation over several weeks. At jasmine Hospital the natural treatment is generally composed of selective ultraviolet phototherapy along with bathing in the sea.

A study has been undertaken in the Red Sea by the National Research Center (NRC) in Cairo. The research involved evaluating the effects of climate on psoriasis in terms of the degree in which the skin clears up. In eighty patients with psoriasis, 90% achieved marked to excellent improvement, which compares favorably to other regiments used in the treatment of psoriasis.

Atopic dermatitis


It can be treated in Hurghada since it is a mite free environment due to the low level of humidity.

Bronchial Asthma: The dry air makes treating Bronchial Asthma feasible at the Red Sea. Along with the fresh warm air constitutes the best atmosphere for Bronchial Asthma patients, especially in the spring when most Bronchial Asthma patients suffer from acute flaring of the illness across Europe due to medication.



Due to the dry fresh non-allergenic air of Hurghada, it benefits these patients.



Our team of consultants are specialized in a variety of surgical procedures to cover abdominal, Gastro-Intestinal, vascular, Urology and Plastic surgery supported by modern diagnostic tools, operating theatres and ICU., 

Also, they are responsible for emergency service, covering all aspect of trauma and surgical emergencies in various disciplines.

We in JASMINE Hospital are continuously ensuring that our patients receive the highest standard of medical care available.

Depending on the procedure you need, it may allow our surgeons to use less invasive procedures that lead to significant improvement in recovery times.

We are increasingly able to offer day case surgery, without the need for an overnight stay.



While you are admitted at the JASMINE Hospital, we hope to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We are committed to ensuring that you receive high quality care in safe, secure and comfortable surroundings.

JASMINE Hospital provides a 15 beds capacity well-furnished inpatient department divided into:

  •     Single rooms

  •     Double rooms




Hand surgery

Our specialized surgeons treat all hand-related injuries and conditions including raw areas, severed digits and lacerations to veins, arteries, tendons and ligaments.


all of our in-patient rooms are private; designed for comfort and comprehensive care. Room features include:

  • Electric beds with head board fitted with Oxygen and suction facilities

  • Private bathroom and Shower seats in each bathroom

  • TV set, and the television positioned for optimal visibility

  • A Telephone

  • A small fridge

  • Window views to allow sunlight in and low enough for patients to see out while lying in bed.

  • Private climate control ( AC)

  • Healthy meals according to the patient medical condition

  • Facilities are available to accommodate family members wishing to stay overnight with a patient. These may be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Visitor Hours

  • We welcome visitors at the hospital every day from 08:00am till 12:00am, but some patient care areas, including intensive care units, may have different visitation policies based on medical conditions or individual needs.

  • Visitors may be asked to wait outside the patient's room while the medical staff provides care.

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