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If we look into the ancient archives of the history of Egypt, so they show as that in those days the Sumerians began building flow basins around temples that served as ancient wellness centers for thousands of visitors.

In addition, drawings on old Egyptian temples show pharaohs and doctors who treat visitors from foreign countries with magical water from sources of natural mineral waters of Egypt.

Improvements in transportation as well advancements in communications have helped to raise the profile of medical tourism. Over the course of three centuries, Arabs, Africans and even Europeans have sought medical assistance in Egypt.

Today, Egypt appears to have all the components for the medical tourism. A suitable climate, proximity to Europe, affordable prices for treatment and tourist attractions. As well as a wide range of services in integrated medical centers and health professionals with international education and training.


Finding the right treatment and doctor for your health can be a very difficult procedure. Whether you are looking to solve a health problem locally or globally, you need to know what is the choices you have, based on your specific health condition, budget requirements or destination considerations.

Regardless of where you are from America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa or any country in the world, you are special and with personal needs. If you have health problems, or you want to improve your appearance or lifestyle, you have the opportunity to do this with our help!

The program of our services includes: accommodation in the hotel, medical examination by a general practitioner, diagnostics (ECG, Ultrasound, Lab analyzes, X-rays), SPA procedures, visiting a sports complex with gym, sauna and massage and hotel entertainment.

Cosmetic Surgeries, including Breast Augmentation and Lifting, Abdominal reconstruction, Liposuction, Botox and Fillers, Renal Dialysis and Dentistry.

Whether it is treatment for a particular health problem or cosmetic surgery, or a wellness program, you will need information.

Jasmine Hospital will provide you with a global base of leading hospitals

and clinics in Egypt, with which it cooperates and which you can use to create a treatment program.
Here you can explore more about the health problem that you face, understand it completely and learn how to choose your own solution.



Welcome to Jasmine Specialized Hospital, a new form of excellence dedicated to the needs of our clients. We are a young dynamic company driven by a group of people full of enthusiasm who help patients in making their dreams come true. We offer experts in the field of assisted reproduction, plastic surgeries, obesity treatment, eye and dental care. Our company is proud to be in a close collaboration with the most recognized clinics in the Egypt and we bring you high quality care, comfortable environment and great results.


You are obviously looking for the best health services worldwide you can afford, so that is why we have done our best to put all the information in one place.

Our team is here to explain you every concern about medical treatment in Egypt - Red Sea area. We place special emphasis on a transparent and confident behavior regarding explanation of the medical procedures, related risks and discussions with our clients about their health conditions.


Medical Treatments:


Anti Aging,

 Weight Loss Surgery,

 Chronic Diseases,

 Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery,


 Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT),

 LASIK / Eye Surgery (Ophthalmology),

 Medical & Wellness Spa,

 Medical Check Up/Diagnostic Examinations,


 Skin Care (Dermatology),

 Post traumatic Rehabilitations,

 Post Stroke Rehabilitation,

 Sports Injures.


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